This dam is located on the border of 3 Zanjan, Hamedan, Kurdistan. The purpose of this project is to increase the levels of cultivation and production of agriculture, the development of agricultural industries, the creation of jobs and the prevention of excessive migration of villagers, the increase in the average income of farmers, creating conditions for the development and growth of various sectors of the economy and the prevention of flood and rebellion. Talvar House is.

Damavand dam required 7500 hectares of land in Lorkhoreh in Bijar province of Kurdistan province and 24.5 thousand hectares of land in Garmab plain and Baizinehrood plain in Qidar city of Zanjan province and drinking water of Hamedan province at 89 million cubic meters per year, and It adjusts.

Talvar Dam is a clay-type soil with a height of 88 meters, a 529-meter crown length, and a 12-meter crown width, with a total volume of 500 million cubic meters, each year regulating 231 million cubic meters of water annually. The reservoir of Talvar Dam is 6441 square kilometers and the average annual average of the river is 283 million cubic meters per year and its free-flowing system is free. This project directly creates jobs for 12,000 people and 8,000 people indirectly


Preparation, transportation, installation and commissioning of hydromechanical and electrical equipment of Talvar Dam



Employer: Zanjan Regional Water Authority

Consultant: Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineer

Inspector: Iran Water and Power Industry Equipment Engineering Co.

Contractor: Ferradi Mithan Engineering Co.

Contract Date: 6/1386

Description of main equipment:

1. Deviation Valve with dimensions of 5.1 × 4.5 meters

2-Dual Valve Duct Repair Depth Dimensions 5x2.5 Metro Lifting Structures

3. Deep drain metal cover including:

- A bell openings with dimensions of 3.3 × 3.6 in. And output dimensions of 2.8 × 2.8 m and 8.2 meters in length

- Quadruple metal cover with dimensions 8.2 x 2.4 x 25.2 meters in length

4- Emergency drainage valve with dimensions of 3.6 × 1.3 and associated casing and hydraulic motor system with 270 Ton

5. Deep drainage service door with dimensions of 3.6 × 2 and associated casing and hydraulic motor system with 250 ton jack

6. Ceiling crane 10 tons of deep drain valves

7. Dredgers of irrigation water tower:

- Two dimensions of 8/7 x 6 meters

- One dimensional dimension of 3 · 7 · 2 m

8- Door drainage valves:

- Two numbers measuring 3/3 × 4/3 meters

- A figure of 1.6 × 1.4 × m

- Their lifting structure

9. Irrigation metal coating including:

- from diameter 2.4 to 7.5 in diameter and 10 meters in length

- The pipe has a diameter of 7.2 meters and a length of about 400 meters

10. Project Milk including:

- A hydraulic impeller with a diameter of 7.2 m

- An electric butterfly valve having a diameter of 0.5 m

- A 0.4-liter diameter hydraulic hose valve

11. Generator Diesel 85 KW

12. Electrical and control system and precision tools of the dam

- Flowmeters

- Altimeter

- Speedometer


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