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Design ̨,Purchase of materials ̨,Construction and testing ̨,Transportation and installation of hydro and mechanical equipment of Qeyqaj reservoir and associated facilities


Principal Employer: West Azarbaijan Regional Water Company

Employer: Company and Gilban Building

Consultant: Jivib Consulting Engineers Co.

Inspector: General Manager of Iran's Water and Power Equipment Industry

Contractor: Faridad Maheen Engineering Co.

Main features description:

1) 2 x 2 meter garbage collector for installation in a dewatering tower of 3 related devices

2) water inlets including Bell mouth and Transition 2 × 2

3) metallic covers of 1600, 1200 and 700 mm in diameter including Expansions Transition, Bend

4) valves and equipment of the chamber of the chamber including butterfly valves 1200 mm in diameter 1, butterfly valves 700 mm in diameter 2, valves in diameter 700 mm in diameter 2 inches and valves in the diameter of 1000 mm in diameter 1 in with a 8-ton roof ceiling

5) The5 stupulges of the Shibollo pumping station include 35 segments of 1.5 × 2.5 m, with corresponding frame and 5 ton crane

6) All central and local control boards and related electrical installations

7) instrumentation equipment and 2 required flowmeter equipment




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