The Khoda Afarin Reservoir Dam is located in the city of Kalibar, East Azarbaijan Province. This reservoir dam is located 196 km below the Aras River on the Aras river, jointly with the Republic of Azerbaijan. .

The purpose of this reservoir dam, water storage and flood control of the border of Aras was to irrigate 80,000 hectares of lower agricultural land in East Azarbaijan province and Ardebil. One of the most important features of this dam is to control the water of the Aras border frontier and prevent the annual release of one billion cubic meters of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the outside. The average energy production from the Khodafarin dam is estimated to be 550 kWh, which, in the current situation, could be used only by the construction of an Iranian power plant. It should be noted that the construction of the dam, which is located 240 kilometers northeast of Tabriz, has begun since 79.

      Hydromechanical and electrical equipment of the water tunnel Go to the left side of the power plant, Khoda Afarin dam


Employer: East Azarbaijan Regional Water Company

Consultant: Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineer

Inspector: Inspection Technician Supervisor Engineers

Contractor: Faradid Meehan Engineering Company

Contract Date: 2/1/1384

Contract amount: Over 61 billion riyals

Main features description:

1) Concrete and metal mixer block components with a weight of 50 tons to 20 devices with associated hydraulic lifting system

2) A 12 x 28 meter garbage truck with associated garbage truck

3) Metal casing with a diameter of 9 meters and a length of 80 meters, a diameter of 7 meters, a length of 85 meters, a diameter of 6 meters, a length of 50 meters, a winch 9 to 7 meters, and a three way 9 to 6 x 2 meters, converted from 9 to 7 meters , Diameter 7 m, diameters 7 to 7 x 6 m rectangle and 6 m diameter pipe cap 2 pcs.

4) Wheelchair impeller entrance to the dimensions of 7 × 6 m with radar link and hydraulic motor system with 320 tons

5) way valve Deep drainage service with dimensions of 7x6 m with hydraulic motor system with a 150-ton jack

6) valve emergency drainage dampers with dimensions of 7 × 6 m with hydraulic motor system with a 130-ton jack

7) stoblag with dimensions of 5 x 6 m with the corresponding lifting bar

8) Controls of central and local equipment

9) Outboard crane with a capacity of 60 tons

10) Diesel Generator 80 kW

11) Instrumentation related to the input and output chambers along with the required flowmeter


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