Qala Chay Dam is aimed at extracting 55 million cubic meters of water from the Ghalechai River and irrigation of 11,000 and 900 hectares from the land till the end of this year.

The dam is located 25 km northeast of Ajbshir city and the operation of Qala Chay dam starts from Azar 79 and it is being constructed with 55 million cubic meters of agricultural and environmental uses.

With the execution of Qaleh Chay Dam, 6,700 hectares of the dam's improved land and 5,200 hectares will be developed, and 85,000 tons of main products and 2,600 tons of regional production will increase.

Qala Chay Dam is a type of clay with a crustal necrotic core with a crown length of 336 meters, a crown width of 10 meters and a height of 85 meters, and the length of the lake is 5.3 kilometers in normal size.

The useful volume of the Qala Chay dam is 40 million cubic meters, which is capable of adjusting 55 million cubic meters. The overflow of the dam is free and outside the body of the dam with a length of 45 meters, which can discharge 1,100 cubic meters per second, and moderate The discharge of the river is 4.2 cubic meters per second, with an average annual volume of 76 million cubic meters at the dam construction site..


      Hydromechanical and electrical equipment of the waterQala Chay dam



Employer: East Azarbayejan Bazyan Regional Water Company

Consultant: Bandab Consulting Engineers Co.

Hydromechanical Contractor: Ferradi Mithan Engineering Co.

Contract Date: 1/1384

Equipment Description:

The site of Qaleh Chay Ajab Shir Dam on the Ghale Chay River is located in the geographical coordinates of 37 degrees and 31 minutes north, 46 degrees and 7 minutes east and 20 kilometers northeast of Ajabshir city.

Hydro-mechanical equipments of Ajab Shir Dam include the following parts:

- The bottom intake, which has a drainage, a roller gates, and garbage truck equipment, which is located in a low digging position due to its location.

- The upper intake, which has equipment similar to the lower intake, with the difference that it is based on a higher normal dewatering figure

- The direction of the water towards the mosquito that includes the mouse and the pipes, and the movement and expansion of the bell.

The middle part of the milk is made up of a 1600 mm diameter butterfly valve, one with a post and a chain crane to move the butterfly valve.

The main milk consists of butterfly valves of 300, 500, 800, 1000 millimeters, valves of 300, 400, 500 and 800 millimeters, 500 mm diameter Hawell Bunger, and air valves and tubes of various diameters proportional to The valves, emergency valves and service, both of which are sliding gates and the ceiling crane of the chimney room




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