Gotvand Olia Dam is one of the largest dams in Iran, which is under construction on the Karun River in the southwest of Iran. Gotvand Dam, after construction, will be the second largest Iranian reservoir (after Karkheh) and the largest water reservoir on Karun. The dam is located at the bottom of the dams constructed and under construction on Karun. The purpose of the construction of the Gotvand dam and power plant is to provide part of Iran's electricity (4, 250 Ghaw / year), control of seasonal flooding of Karun, and lower agricultural water regulation. Also, the dam lake can be a tourist attraction for the region after watering.
Gotvand Olia Dam is located in Khuzestan province and 30 km northwest of Shoushtar city and 12 km from Gotvand city. The dam with a height of 180 meters is pebble with a clay core with a length of 760 meters. The reservoir volume of the dam is 5082 million cubic meters and the area of ​​the catchment area is 32425 square kilometers. Construction of the dam has begun since 2003.


Construction work ̨ Design ̨ Supply and construction Transportation, installation and commissioning of hydro-mechanical drainage equipment of Gotvand Olia Dam and Power Plant


 Employer: Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company

Consultant: Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineer

Inspector: Industrial Engineering Co.

Contractor: Participation of the Patriot and Highland

Contract Date: 8/1384

Main features description:

1. Emergency drainage drainage drainage system with dimensions of 1.3 × 1.4 meters with a head of 141 meters with hydraulic lift system

2-valve drainage service 4 × 3 m in diameter with 141 meter head with hydraulic lift system

3. Bell inlet to the tunnel with an inlet diameter of 7.5 meters and an outlet diameter of 5.5 meters and a length of 8.2 meters

4-pipe metal with a diameter of 5.5 meters, 41 meters long

5-piece diameter conversion 5/5 m to rectangle 4/5 × 4/5 m 12 meters long

6-piece rectangular 5/4 x 4,5 m to 4/3 × 1/4 m 12 meters long

7-U-shaped U-shaped casing 8/7 "height 5" and "46" long

8-gangway connected to the milk valve room, 2 units

9-crane overhead cabin room with a capacity of 40 tons

10. Air-cooled chiller for a room with a capacity of 10 tons

11 - RC concrete demolition operation inside the tunnel 3000 cubic meters

12-Chisel drilling operations in concrete and bridge 700 meters

13. Loading, transporting, spreading and plowing 80,000 cubic meters of soil

14. Load and carry the bulldozer of 15.000 cubic meters

15_ Preparation and execution of formatting of 3.000 square meters

16. Preparation and amateurization of 32.000 kg

17. Preparation, construction and implementation of concrete 17.000 cubic meters


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