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Preparation and construction, transportation and installation, testing and commissioning of the first part of the hydromechanical equipment and dam control Decalogue Adjustment Design GizGhalasi dam

Employer: East Azarbaijan Regional Water Company
Consultant: Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineer
Contractor: Faradid Meehan Engineering Co.

Main features description:

1 Distortion system: Four series of stop lamps with dimensions of 13 × 10 and corresponding lift rails

2 power plant system:
Four sets of movable cartridges with dimensions of 10 × 9 m and corresponding lift rails
Two series of 10x9 meter metric roof racks
Four series of emergency emergency headlights of the power plant in dimensions of 9 × 8 m, with interfaces and elevators Hydraulic
Four series of tube block block valves with dimensions of 4.5 x 4.5 meters with lifting bar Respective

3 Deep drainage system:
A series of vertices with a size of 2.5 × 4 plus two series of fixed parts
Two series of metal coverings of 5 × 4 meters with an approximate length of 50 meters
Two series of metallic covers for relaxation pond
Two wheelchairs service series, two emergency wheelchairs with dimensions of 5 × 4 meters
Along with hydraulic lift
Two series of 30-ton roof cranes

4 power and control system
Two series of aC distribution boards
Cables for power control of the ground system
Instrumentation systems include sensors for measuring pressure differences


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